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Hi my name is Michaella and I'm from Hawkes Bay New Zealand, nice to meet you! I have met over my years some great like minded people who are passionate about the same things as me. The garden, the plants, the dirt. I have learnt so much from these amazing people I have been trying to work out how to combine this all together and slowly. For a while I have been wanting to start a page up but had no idea what I was doing and I kept putting it off. Today I decided it was time, Its time for me to do this on a small scale and give it a go.


I am passionate about my family, my extra legs family and growing the right healthy shit. Not going to lie I love to learn about anything to do with about animals, learning about all plants including weeds and I love soil. Love my compost and dirt also. I really only function when I am a unorganized hot mess. One day my home grand plan will be finished.

This page is set up to help me curate your needs and offer help. Whether its for plants or ideas or help. We can gift, donate, trade and sell. I am a beginner in all this so its in no way expert advice, Just my experience and with the hope of others.

The way I see it is if we can all do something on a small scale... could be huge.

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