Every plant has a story

When I was about 19 I brought my first house plant, a tiny pony palm in Hamilton from a van on the side of the road. I had decided its my lifer plant.

This is the most fostered plant I have ever herd of. It stayed with my brother and friend for time, my nana had it for a long time (cost me a peice Lilly and anther pony tail palm) to get it back and nan was still not happy it left. Stayed with another mate for abit. Then I got her back for a time. It was at my sisters for a visit and then back for a moment then when back to the first friend for hmmm 4 years maybe 5. She was looking stunning. I took her back thinking she would fit in my car. She did but when I got her out insnaped the top of her... I cried and cried. But she made it through and after spending a week outside so I could make room for this beast inside. Little did I know she got plant nits.

So inside she came I was so proud of my top less ponytail until novice me thought the spiders were getting worse on her I looked into it. She had fkn mealy bugs. I tired to help her but she cut me to shreds. So like with nits in the past with kids. I chopped her and treated with various things.

I thought I would lose her during the winter being a$$holed outside for the safety of my other girls but she is still holding strong and maybe in another 20 years she will be stunning again. Now known as my pineapple

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