Lasagna Planting

Lasagne planting is my go to when I have to fill a new planter box or big pot. It saves me spending dollars on soil. I loves this technic because I'm forever changing my mind where I want things and also using what I have at home and composting at the same time.

I did this on a small scale today. Meet my basil (or soon to be) . I did try growing basil in a seed tray but it kept getting knocked around. So I came up with this. I also want it weed free and when the season of basil is finished I can dump in my garden and start again.

1. Cut paper/cardboard up and stick in the bottom

2. Add some compost

3. Add poo (I used alpaca)

4. Repeat 1 and 2

5. Add potting mix

6. Sprinkle seeds

7. I used some seed raising mix I had for on top

You tube has great pointers for a lager scale. But this was what I've done today. Just hope it works out.

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