Tyler’s Kowhai

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Sharing is caring...I want to share Tyler's Kowhai tree tonight.

Maybe 4 years ago I grew a bunch of Kowhai from seed. My favourite native next to Lancewood. First lot flopped but then I learnt about scarification. Had a boomer hit about 25 baby trees. I used them for gifts and kept a couple for myself.

Moving forward I had Tyler and kept his placenta/whenuea. Knowing I wanted to plant it with a special tree. Keeping his whenuea save in an ice cream container from the hospital in the freezer until he was one. Before this point I had no place other than my Grandads where I wanted to plant it and he didn't want another tree at his place. We get our new place and I thought great ill put it in ground there. Hmmmm oh that's right I have Dozer, and that meant he was going to end up... Well it's not something I wanted to deal with. It was suggested I put it in a pot first. So I did and (don't have any pics of unfortunately) on Tyler 2nd birthday planted it in the ground. It's outside Kevs sleep out. I thought I could make some shade trees for the sleepout. Kev might beg to differ ha ha ha.

I love Tyler Kowhai tree, the bushy thing it turning into. It definitely not the run of the mill Kowhai but suits us perfectly x

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