What’s your cutting story?

Maybe I do a weekly history on a plant family member. Or maybe we could all share a history of one every now and then. I know I have a house full with intimate stories.

Tonight I pick my Emma plant. I stole a cutting... well pretty much helped my self to a cutting from my bff Emma Ralton who was moving last year and the need for more plants is real (was earlier on in the house plant addiction). Loved her syngouiumish (can't spell it) and just needed abit. Now my lil cutting is a button of health and so much strength like her owner. I did cut her to triple plant her as she was getting so tall and flopped over with out a pole, but she started new growth after that I did that so no need for my cuttings. What that taught me... cut me up and I'll still grow!

Anyway here she is x

If in Hastings and you would like one of her rooted cuttings let me know. I have two I'm wanting to share. So you can pick up Flaxmere or maybe I can drop off in Hastings when I'm floating around x

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